Is Germplasm Present

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Use case Determine whether a germplasm present in one system is present in another.

Use Case

As a Cassavabase or BMS user, I want to match my germplasm with a germplasm record in the other system

  • I have a variety in one system and I want to know if there is any data about that variety in the other system
    • If the variety was created in the other system based on a record in the first system, then we could use foreign keys to identify the exact match
    • If the variety hasn’t been transferred, we would have to search on names to see if we have a match
      • If there is a single string match, could
        • Assume the germplasm records refer to the same germplasm
        • -or- Ask user if they want to consider a match and give option of bailing out
      • Should we make the match permanent by copying db keys to the respective records?
      • If there are multiple matches:
        • Provide the user with a list of matches