TSV Expected Format

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This page describes the calls that support tab-separated files as their return type, and what the format of those files should look like.


A call to /allelematrix-search should return all of the data (allele calls) for a specified set of germplasm lines by a specified set of markers. The BrAPI definition of the TSV format is as close as possible to the normal JSON response:

   markerprofileDbIds  mpdbid1  mpdbid2  mpdbid3  ...
   marker1             A        A|T      G
   marker2             N        C        G/C
   marker3             N        C        A/T

Note that the above example uses the BrAPI defined defaults of `N` = unknown, `|` = phased heterozygotes separator and `/` = unphased heterozygotes separator, although client parameters may request a server to use different values.