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V2 Suggestions from Seattle Hackathon

Location call

Good in its current state. Additional info important.Locations will be used for GnpIS.site soon need /brapi/v1/locations/{id}


A study can be part of n trial, not a single one.


Add licence in trial / study.

Pull request

Important simplification

Remove data in {“results”:{“data”:[...]}} -> {“results”:[...]}

maybe V2


Those two call are ewuivalent /brapi/v1/studies/studyDbId/observations -> /brapi/v1/phenotypes-search?studyDbIds=[studyDbId] Align (suppress /brapi/v1/studies/studyDbId/observations ?) Document be clear on the alternatives that must return exactly the same things.

To be reviewed

Add Taxon id (NCBI)

to germplasm (propagate to obsUnit / study ?) : “taxon”:{“source”:”NCBI”, “id”:”http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/NCBITaxon_4577”}

Pull request


Add somewhere : Materials.BodyPart (observation?), Materials.Life Stage (observation ?),


Materials.TimeFactor(harvestDate:2315, and possibly study.)

Add Ontology Description in Ontology Metadata

OK PUll request

Add Study.lastUpdate

OK to be discussed in a date Group (Timestamp, Date, ....)

Geospatial data

Dataset resource


Consider using HAL+JSON - backwards-compatible JSON with hyperlinks to other endpoints. http://stateless.co/hal_specification.html

FAIR adaptation

Brapi endpoint will be harvested for FAIR Finder. FAIR on top of Brapi studies. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable https://www.nature.com/articles/sdata201618